Saturday, 15 July 2017

Welcome back Khadr - New Canadian Drama

Toronto Free Press:

Welcome Back Khadr - (Comedy series, Wed. 8:00 PM) Follow the crazy antics of the Khadr family as each week they find themselves in a new predicament requiring the intervention of the Prime Minister of Canada. In the first episode Ahmed Said Khadr, the family patriarch, is just back from Pakistan where he was busy helping to make widows and orphans through his Canadian-based charity. Maha Ensamnah, Ahmed's long-suffering wife is trying to convince him that it would be best for their 4 boys to attend private school, as she was concerned about the homosexuals in Canada's public schools. And, she's found the perfect one: trouble is, it's in Afghanistan and the headmaster is Osama Bin Laden. The boys, however, would much rather stay in public school, despite their parents' concerns. It's a zany thirty minutes as misunderstandings and mix-ups that yield a surprising conclusion.

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