Thursday, 5 January 2017

Trudeau is always complaining about Fossil Fuels. What does he think powers his Airplane and Helicopter rides ??

Trudeau is always complaining about Fossil Fuels .... 

What does he think powers all those Airplanes and Helicopter rides everywhere ? 

Magic beans ?   Fairy dust ????

One flight in an RCAF plane from Ottawa to the Bahamas and then trips from Nassau to the Agha Kahn Island creates as much CO2 as a family in one year.

Trudeau has spent a full year flying all over the world lecturing people on how to reduce their CO2 emissions 
all the while creating the equivalent of thousands of times more than the average human will ever produce in their Lifetime. Unbelievable..... But True.

On his Cross-Country "Listening Tour" does Justin Trudeau walk everywhere? Did he take a bike from Ottawa to London today? I mean Seriously. If he wants to ban Fossil Fuels he better start walking the walk.

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